Best donghua 2019

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Best donghua 2019

First published February 10th The Chinese animation industry is a hot topic these days. But there might be big changes on the horizon for the industry.

Will the golden days of Chinese animation return? Although China is seeing a steady release of domestic animated films and series, there is still much room for improvement. The influence of Japanese popular culture in China is not necessarily appreciated by the Chinese government, which is concerned with maintaining a certain control over matters of cultural dissemination.

Meanwhile, the demand for Japanese and other foreign products is still going strong: the animated movies that are in the top 3 of highest box office successes in mainland China are all foreign productions.

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The new animation White Snake is doing much better than the Football flop, and has made some Chinese state media note that the overall quality of domestically produced animation is steadily getting better, especially over the past few years. Te Wei is one of the major names in the Chinese School of Animation; he previously headed the Northeast Film Studio, that was founded in Three Wan brothers, with in the middle Wan Laiming, on the right Guchan, and Chaochen on the left image via vmovier.

Although the Wan brothers were initially inspired by American animation, along with German and Russian styles, they soon focused on finding a more Chinese-oriented style in their work. Focusing more on Chinese artistic traditions was also something that was encouraged by Te Wei.

In a interview, Te Wei stated that there were multiple factors at play that contributed to the success of Chinese animation over the period. The animation creators at the time, for example, were not pressured for deadlines and had unlimited creative time.

So what happened to the golden days of Chinese animation? Following the emergence of the market economy, creators of Chinese animation had to focus more on the commercial value of their works. But while concentrating on consumer-based commerce, they also still had to make sure their productions were politically correct and in line with the censorship guidelines.

Japanese animations, such as Astro Boy, started getting more and more popular in mainland China since the early s. Image via Variety. Although the number of productions went up, the high production pressure affected creativity and the artistic quality of Chinese animation. Meanwhile, the market came to be dominated by imported, sometimes pirated, foreign animations.About Caiux Raven.

Post a Comment. Home Top Ad. Saturday, October 5, I have been binge-watching Chinese animation since ranging from the different genres as I believe that there are so many precious gems hidden among its archives and some of them could be a great experience to watch.

The list had been divided into two 2 categories as follows:. I will first discuss the 2D Chinese anime as it is very similar to the traditional Japanese animation in style and fashion. Furthermore, the medium where anime could be literally defined.

Therefore, I have here some of the best martial arts, cultivation Chinese anime that you should add in your watchlist. The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation released 2 seasons already since it first aired in July which run for 15 episodes with astounding and beautiful animation, dazzling visuals, and awesome fight scenes.

The story of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation revolves around 2 cultivator sects, unraveling mysteries and secrets, seeking justice, and discovering conspiracies that affected the lives of so many characters in the series and set the entire story in motion.

A little bit of warning — the anime is based on a popular Chinese BL boys-love novel, though the BL factor is quite limited in the anime and mostly focus on the drama, actions, and investigation cliches.

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The story is about various people who can use the five elements in Chinese legends, and the ensuing in the anime is truly ecstatic for the eyes to see. It is the final installment of the novel trilogy where Battle Through the Heavens, and Martial Universe were based from.

Nonetheless, it literally offers great fight scenes and beautiful sceneries. I think my only complaint about The Grand Lord is the poor writings at some point in the show, as it feels like a rip-off of Lion King in some instances.

There, she experienced the life of another person, with respect to this plot; this actually reminds me of Soul Land and Battle Through the Heavens.

The fight scenes in this anime are a little bit better compared to Psychic Princess but its story quite weaker or having less substance than the latter. That is what we get from the Chinese anime Journal of Mysterious Creatures. The anime project is a combined work by both Japanese and Chinese animation company and this could be seen easily in the animation quality of the series.

The Journal of Mysterious Creatures may not really be listed as martial-arts or cultivation anime but I would like to include it in this list as the fight scenes are truly worth watching. The anime is adapted from one of the most popular novels of the 20 th century which had been adapted in so many versions in the last 4 decades.

I have first watched this around or and I am quite disappointed at some point or maybe because I just did have some expectations since the live-drama of the novel is a favorite of mine.

Nonetheless, The Legend of the Condor Hero offers a good look at the s era of Chinese animation when it comes to style and production, and it is a pretty decent anime to follow with so many Chinese traditions and cultures embedded in it. Personally, Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens is one of the biggest surprises for me as I never thought that it could be this good when I first watch it.

The fight scenes were among the best that I had seen from a Chinese anime, the visuals and characters' designs were both exemplary with a heavy emphasis on politics and ancient Chinese history. The combination of Chinese martial arts, swords play, and magic in the Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens made the entire experience of watching the anime an interesting and entertaining one.

A Complete List of Must-Watch Chinese Anime this 2019

I am not a big fan of the story of Martial Universe; however, its anime adaptation is a solid one and definitely deserves praise. The anime had been released on January and run for a total of 12 episodes.

This scenario actually reminds me of Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, and several protagonists from mainstream shounen anime from Japan.

However, Martial Universe is among the best Chinese anime that I had seen inplus its soundtrack was literally amazing and enthralling.

I was quite skeptical when I first watch the anime last Decemberhowever, it turns out to be a pretty decent ride with an obviously handsome main character cough cough which also the same case with almost all the anime I had mentioned in the previous paragraph. So far, only Soul Land and Battle Through the Heavens had entered deeper into my system and captured me with its interesting world and how everything works in it.

Soul Land has the arena tournament feature in its story which makes the experience of watching it truly entertaining and exciting. We have the main protagonists and his friends set on a battle in the arena to gain battle experience while slowly building their reputations as spiritualists.

I think the only part of Soul Land that I am not really interested in romance — a factor which I think is quite too much. Battle Through the Heavens is based on a novel with the same title and it is the first Chinese web novel that I had finished reading. The anime of Battle Through The Heavens have a total of 3 seasons in its league with the first season being quite a disappointment but did a good job of introducing its world-setting.

The 2 nd season had been a leap and gave us a satisfying show. Meanwhile, the 3 rd season of the anime aired on July 21,and the increase in the animation quality is definitely noticeable.As usual, China releases so many new dramas this year, that it can be hard to pick which drama to watch.

best donghua 2019

I tried to be as objective as possible in my selection. Similarly, I chose the most popular Chinese dramas based on 1 the number of mentions on social media 2 the number of ratings on Douban and various sites, and finally 3 search ranking globally. As it is difficult to measure popularity, I admit that the selection of the most popular Chinese drama is influenced by my impression that a certain drama is popular.

best donghua 2019

I strongly recommend Viki because you can watch in HD and the timed comments are hilarious. Most dramas in this list are available for free with ads on Viki.

The ads are pretty annoying though so a subscription can be a good idea for hardcore fans. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover. Available online at Amazon Prime and Viki. As the attack is approaching near, the investigation team has to seek help from a death row inmate. This decision leads to many complicated political consequences, especially the fight for power between the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister.

The drama has earned high praise both in China and internationally with a rating of 8. For the modern genre, I have selected All is well as the best Chinese Drama this year.

The drama is about the relationship of members in Family Su. With the death of their mothers, the family starts falling apart.

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Who will take care of their old and conservative father? Su family members must find a way to not only solve this problem but also to learn to connect and love each other again.

All is Well is highly praised for its realistic and artistic portrayals of the problems that modern families face. It receives a rating of 7. All is Well is also so popular that it became a major trending topic on Chinese social media in early This is the must-watch CDramas this year for those who like good-looking cast and an easy-to-follow-through story.We announced earlier today where you can watch the first episode of the new donghua with English subtitles!

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best donghua 2019

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best donghua 2019

Grand View Hotel Coastal City. Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen.About Jervis Zeuldeick. Post a Comment. Home Top Ad. Tuesday, March 26, Hey guys, the winter anime lineup is almost over and on a different side of the industry, we are taking a peek at Chinese animation. Which anime from China captured our hearts this season and which one definitely deserves more viewers and praise. Specifically, I have only seen few of these Chinese anime but I am keeping an eye on these shows and have them on my radar most of the time to find out which anime is well-received by guests and which shows are having some rough times.

So, let's start our list of 10 of the best Chinese anime that aired this winter of To be honest, I also included some of the shows that premiered on December as most of their run were on anyway and they're definitely among my favorites this year. In fact, I thought these titles could also fight for best Chinese anime of if they only started earlier than December last year.

I won't fill some spoilers so I would rather discuss my thoughts about it. Although it's only around minutes long episode, it offers a fascinating visual, decent animation, and funny encounters between characters. Though, just like the rest of Chinese anime showsthere are always those despicable characters where as a viewer, I actually to be transported inside the story and punch those people.

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The same thing exists on this anime, but one thing that I really adore about this were the two main characters who give us the typical couple in quarrel scenario but still find it romantic at the end of the day.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this anime but it's actually our most popular post here at Yu Alexius Anime Portal. Just like Xie Wang Zhui Qi, Psychic Princess is a historical comedy anime with almost the same conditions on its plot.

A royal prince and a high ranking official daughter, Psychic Princess sure offer us an unconventional romance story between two characters with differences.

The Best & Most Popular Chinese Dramas You Must Watch in 2019 (Updated)

That's actually a pretty cliche plot which is rampant in other stories but quality wise - the animation is quite good with really funny and fulfilling storytelling. Meng Qi Shi Shen or Adorable Food GoddessI'll say this is one of the best Chinese anime of when it comes to the quality of animation and visual.

Another historical comedy romance Chinese anime, Adorable Food Goddess gives us more than just a romance story but also sumptuous cooking scenes. Seriously, those foods were looking great partnered with awesome animation, the entire cooking scenes sure are delightful to watch. Another historical anime in our list but this time it's an action-packed story. The plot is pretty cliche just like the typical Chinese historical novel and this one is also in 3DCG animation.

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Alright, I just mentioned Battle through the Heavens earlier and it's actually coming back this year but no specific date yet had been revealed. However, we have Martial Universe this winter and it's the anime adaptation of Martial Universe novel which is the first part of the same trilogy where Battle through the Heavens is also included.

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The anime is a great action-adventure series to follow with the same cliche stuff as BTTH but on a different note. One thing is sure though, Martial Universe is definitely an overpowering story to follow.Each semester, there are over international students enrolled in these courses. With the intensified and systematical schedule and contents, students can improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that are indispensable for future careers or studies in China in a short period.

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